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  Premium Pestos

Versatile, innovative premium nut pestos with imaginative blend of ingredients for modern tastes. Add to meat, poultry and fish before serving; toss through a green salad, baked vegetables and pasta; spread on speciality breads and crackers; add to antipasto or mezze platter

Pistachio Pesto

A new innovative pesto with a wonderful combination of the finest fresh pistachio nuts with sundried tomatoes, bamboo shoots, spices, garlic and olive oil. A pesto with warmth and depth to its flavours

Hazelnut Pesto

A  blend of fresh hazelnuts with green olives, bamboo shoots, herbs, spices, garlic, and olive oil. A fresh zesty pesto

Walnut Pesto

A new  pesto made with the finest fresh walnuts, red capsicum, bamboo shoots, spices, garlic, and olive oil. A mildly spiced pesto that has depth to satisfy chilli lovers


Almond & Basil Pesto

The finest fresh almonds bended with black olives, bamboo shoots, spices, garlic and olive oil.  A delicate distinctive pesto.

  Infused Olive Oils

Exquisite infused quality olive oil for dipping, dressing and cooking. Use for dipping with breads, and with elgani dukkah; dribble over salads, vegetables and pasta; rub/drizzle over fish, meats or poultry. Use in cooking and baking. Enhances every dish. Choose from, LIME, LEMON, GARLIC, CHILLI, SMOKED PAPRIKA, CORIANDER, THYME, BASIL, DILL OR EXTRA VIRGIN



Ideal Condiment for hot, cold and BBQ meats. Garnish or rub on poultry, meats, fish, baked potatoes; stir through pasta and rice dishes; spread on Italian or French specialty breads and open sandwiches. Wonderful as a Pizza Base also. A great meal enhancer

Sundried Tomato & Olive

A beautiful mixture of flavours with sundried tomatoes, black olives, capers, garlic, spices and olive oil.

Artichoke & Chestnut

A new innovative product blending the finest artichokes, chestnuts, spices, garlic, and olive oil. Great texture and an artichoke lovers dream.

Chilli Jam

A vibrant creamy blend of red capsicums, sundried tomatoes, chillies, garlic, and olive oil for a medium a spicy taste

  Premium Dukkah

A premium dukkah made from a unique mix of quality nuts, seeds, Mediterranean herbs, and spices. Dip breads into elgani infused olive oils, then into dukkah; brush pita/panini with olive oil then sprinkle with dukkah & grill 1-2 minutes; sprinkle over fish, chicken salads, vegetables, or soups before serving.

  Mediterranean Cheese in
  Extra Virgin Olive Oil

A distinctive strong soft cheese rolled into balls with a surprise centre! Add to antipasto platter or cheese board. Pop in a bread case. Serve on warm pita bread, French bread or crostini and sprinkle with elgani dukkah. Decorate a dish with 2 or 3 cheese balls. When finished cheese, use the delicious Canola oil for dipping, dressing, and cooking

Mediterranean Cheese stuffed with Olives


Mediterranean Cheese stuffed with Hazelnuts
Smashed Olives in Extra Virgin
Olive Oil

Pitted/Stuffed Olives with personality! Incredibly flavoursome olives with herbs and garlic in extra virgin olive oil. Use for a pre-dinner treat, on an antipasto or mezze platter, or with breads. Mix through salads, pasta, rice, or stir fry. Use the rest of the extra virgin olive oil for dipping, dressing, and cooking. Also compliment with our PRESERVED LEMONS or ROASTED GARLIC in Lime and Chilli Oil.

   Pitted Black Olives

  Stuffed Green Olives